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On November 6, 2018 Beaufort County voters will decide whether to provide $25 million to the Rural and Critical Land Preservation Program (the R&CL Program) – a land preservation initiative that for the past 18 years has provided significant protection to waterway resources in our county — such as sounds, rivers, lakes and streams — as well as environmentally sensitive land resources, places of unique historical value and other critical open space, farmland and buffers which have been deemed essential to the County’s overall quality of life.

Beaufort County Council has recognized the need to preserve such lands which have not only environmental significance, but also scenic, natural, recreational, rural and open space character. The program serves as an important vanguard to mitigate the very high rate of population and commercial growth which the County has experienced over the past quarter century.

Among the leading reasons to vote yes are the following:

  • To protect overall water quality and clean waterways — including rivers, creeks and streams as well as Port Royal Sound and Calibogue Sound.
  • To protect coastal areas and beaches plus wetlands, wildlife areas and other critical habitats for birds and animals.
  • To protect what makes Beaufort County so physically desirable by preserving  passive parks, historic treasures rural vistas and family farms, plus shellfish beds and nursery areas for recreational and commercial fishing.
  • To protect needed buffers for the U.S. Marine Air Corps Station – Beaufort and the major economic impact it provides.
  • Protect a lasting legacy for our children and grandchildren who will no doubt thank us for making this county a very distinctive and special place.